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Case Studies

Real-time Visibility and Continuous Compliance

One of the world’s largest enterprises needed to gain real-time visibility into its complex global network and modernize policy management to improve agility and ensure compliance with stringent regional standards.

Swift Compliance Amid Dispersed Teams

The global pandemic dispersed a physically close-working team, increasing time to complete compliance assessments and risk of errors due to misconfigurations and manual processes. To perform a policy rule cleanup and meet an upcoming audit deadline, the team chose FireMon to quickly achieve and maintain strict compliance standards.

Visibility, Accuracy, & Automation

After years of manually producing compliance audit reports using Microsoft Excel, a failed audit caused a leading credit union to turn to FireMon for the visibility, accuracy, and automation necessary to enhance their security and compliance posture.

100% Asset Visibility & Discovery

A banking operation with a massive global footprint needed to enumerate and validate every asset on its sprawling infrastructure.

100% Visibility, Custom Reporting, and Continuous Compliance

This gaming software’s understaffed InfoSec team was getting no value from their existing network security policy management solution, and after purchasing a 3-year subscription, but only utilizing it for 1 year, they knew it was time for an upgrade. The need for visibility, reporting, and out-of-the-box compliance controls led them to FireMon’s NSPM solutions to solve their problems.

Convey Achieves Continuous Compliance with FireMon

FireMon helps streamline compliance efforts and centralized firewall management to eliminate manual processes and reduce risk.

Enhanced Security Posture and Continuous Compliance

Unable to ensure customer credit-card data was secured to meet PCI-DSS compliance requirements after a large acquisition, an international hotel chain turned to FireMon to enhance its security and PCI compliance posture across their sprawling multi-vendor environment.

FireMon Streamlines Process for MGM Resorts

FireMon streamlines policy management and regulatory compliance with automation to free up critical team resources.

Compliance, Visibility, & Automation

A leading insurance organization turns to FireMon for visibility, accuracy, and automation to enhance their security posture.

100% PCI Compliance & Automated Policy Management

FireMon provided the visibility, customization, and automation necessary to manage their multi-vendor environment from a single console while delivering substantial cost savings.

Hybrid Cloud Visibility and Compliance

FireMon delivers visibility and control for an entire environment from a single console along with substantial cost savings.

FireMon Documents Everything

Dupont leverages FireMon’s extensive documentation, reporting, and testing capabilities for firewall change management.

Continuous Compliance & Automated Policy Management

Automative manufacturer turns to FireMon to help achieve and maintain compliance, while saving time, resources, and eliminating manual processes that often result in errors and misconfigurations.

Improved Security Hygiene Through Automation

A leading media company trusted FireMon’s automation solutions to increase security hygiene after suffering a ransomware attack.

Automated Policy Management to Achieve and Maintain Continuous Compliance

Facing a rapidly-approaching compliance deadline, a multinational oil and gas company turned to FireMon for help automating their policy workflows in order to achieve compliance while saving time, resources, and eliminating opportunities for errors and misconfigurations.

Visibility & Compliance in Multi-Vendor Environments

Real-time visibility, control, and management for all network security devices across a hybrid, multi-vendor environment.

Improved Visibility & Security Posture through Automation

The company looked to FireMon to provide enhanced visibility into their entire network infrastructure, ensure policy changes do not expose vulnerabilities, and significantly enhance their security posture.

From Security Bottleneck to Business Enabler

See how Foot Locker transitioned to the cloud and began operating at scale across multiple firewall vendors with FireMon.

Continuous PCI-DSS Compliance

A leading retailer cuts out manual audit processes and reports to reduce operational costs and enhance compliance posture.

All-in-One Compliance and Reporting

Alkami tackles network complexity and cuts out manual processes with FireMon’s automation and custom reporting.

Compliance, Visibility & Vendor Consolidation

FireMon not only delivered a solution that meet compliance to the FTC mandates, it also provided complete risk analysis across their hybrid environment that eliminated an existing point solution.

FireMon Brings the Heat to Southwest Airlines

See how FireMon enables Southwest Airlines to maintain compliance and proactively enforce new policy across the entire organization.

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